September 17th - October 15th, 2021
Global format
International Team Leaders School IPWeek 2021

Is the development of production masters limited by the framework of your company? Reach a global level!
International Productivity Week IPWeek 2021 breaks the mold once again and opens the International Team Leaders School!

You are invited to participate in the International Team Leaders School IPWeek 2021, that is held under the slogan "Master as a Change Leader", and will unite hundreds of masters and speakers from various companies and countries in the EdTech interaction.

What is what in Industry 4.0, how does the master's work changr in cyberphysical processes, what new security and labor safety tasks arise with the appearance of robots and automation, how to develop own competences and manage your mental health in a context of digital load - these are the special subjects of the School of Masters IPWeek 2021.

The IPWeek Team Leadesr school is based on the benchmark teaching: tutorial content, Gemba tutorial videos. Corporate members of the best practice community provide speakers, while the IPWeek 2021 organizing committee prepares the program, selects tutors and interpreters for each group of participants.

Methodology and program of the International Team Leaders School IPWeek 2021

IPWeek 2021 digital ecosystem allows to involve each participant in active cooperation, providing a virtual journey across production sites, discussing relevant topics with colleagues from all over the world, having their knowledge checked, and obtaining an extended access to tutorial and video materials.

In the International IPWeek 2021 school, the team leaders will:

attend virtual sessions and work with a tutor (3 classes x 4 hours each on Fridays)

study online production sites and corporate experience from all over the world

do homework, work on projects and prepare their speech for the International Conference of M

participate in the International Conference of Masters and in the IPWeek 2021 program

pass the exam and receive a certificate of the International Productivity Academy (Czech repubic)
Feedback from attendees of the International Team Leaders School
Theme calendar of the International Team Leaders School IPWeek 2021
An advanced master at a company taking the path of digital transformation, does need not only in-process management and lean production skills. Masters' work and competence building in an environment of corporate digital transformation is an end-to-end theme of the International Team Leaders School IPWeek 2021. The program includes:
Master's role in a state-of-the-art production: from a limited scope of functionalities - to change leadership
How Industry 4.0 and Digital Lean change productions
Basic lean production skills for masters. Lean tools for masters
How can staff's fear and resistance be transformed into cerative cooperation. TWI methodology
Communication in master's work: persuasion, advancing feedback, constructive criticism, basics of public speaking
Master's professional realization: self-development and professional routing
Virtual master classes from companies' gemba
Alfmeier, ERG, TechnoNIKOL, Nornikel, Siemens, t.b.d.
independent study
The program envisages attendees' individual work on projects and preparation of their speeches for the IPWeek 2021 International Conference of Masters.

the digital ecosystem of IPWeek 2021
provides all opportunities for the participanrs to dive into an interactive learning environment.
Online platform of the International School of Masters with a virtual classroom for each group (access 24x7 regardless of the time zone)
Materials of speakers, working groups, video recordings of seminars and master classes from gemba
Library of materials and additional literature for the work of the master
team leaders school schedule
September 17
September 17
Introductory conference. Testing access to digital resources for classes
September 24
September 24
4-hour class. working on homework and projects
October 1
October 1
4-hour class. working on homework and projects
October 8
October 8
4-hour class. working on homework and projects
October 11-13
October 11-13
Participation in the IPWeek 2021 conference program. Tutor's consultation
October 14
October 14
final exam
October 15
October 15
Participation in the International Masters' confrence and grand closing of ipweek 2021

The opening hours of each group will be set based on the company's time zone

speakers and tutors of international team leaders school ipweek 2021
The list of speakers is to be confirmed
Alexey Samoshilov,
Siemens, Germany-Russia
Anna Bryukhanova 
Center for Development of Production Systems, Russia
Yegor Rybin
Nornikel, Russia
Inna Traud
ODW-Elektrik, Germany-Ukraine
Ota Koukolik
Alfmeier, Germany-Czech republic
Pavel Pashkov
Tekhnonikol, Russia
Organization of participation

Groups of attendees are formed on a corporate participation basis. Each corporate group may include up to 15 persons, several groups from one company may participate. For each group, a customized portion of the program is created pursuant to current tasks and time zones, a tutor is designated.


Fee for a group of up to 15 persons is EUR 9,500.
With a corporate package for participation in IPWeek 2021 events, the cost is determined by the selected participation package


The fee includes a program-based training, support of an online tutor attached to the group, homework assessment and project consulting, preparation to speech at the International Conference of Masters, participation in the educational and conference program of IPWeek 2021, and extended access to School's and IPWeek 2021 materials on or before January 10th, 2022
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