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31 марта - 9 июня 2022

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IPWeek 2022 - Active Interaction Environment

March 31st - June 9th 2022


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Digital format

IPWeek 2022 - Active Interaction Environment
IPWeek 2022
IPWeek digital platform — unlimited opportunities for professionals
IPWeek 2022 Main Program
October 10th — 14th, 2022
«Operational Excellence»

October 12th
"Transformation" Projects competition

October 12th
Конкурс проектов улучшений

12 октября
Educational program, benchmark congress

October 11th
Образовательная программа,

11 октября
«Operational Excellence»

12 октября
Improvement Projects Accelerator

March 23rd – September 30th
Team leaders school

March 31st - June 9th

Master - a leader of change

Production masters are key figures in the implementation of changes, however, the practice of developing their competencies is usually limited to one company.

The International Productivity Week hacked this stereotype and for the third time organizes a cross-corporate Masters School — a unique educational and benchmark platform that will unite hundreds of masters, mentors and speakers from different companies and countries in an interactive EdTech interaction.

и возможности

Цель создания Международной Школы Мастеров (TLS)

«Обучить мастеров современным и практичным методам оперативного управления в условиях динамичного изменения технологий
и производственной среды, вдохновить
на лидерство и профессиональное развитие."

© Кузьмичева Ольга, Директор по развитию IPWeek

"To teach masters modern and practical methods of operational management in conditions of dynamic change of technologies and production environment, to inspire for leadership and professional development."

(c) Olga Kuzmicheva, IPWeek Development Director


Revolutionary methodology of the Team Leaders School

Team work. Groups of corporate participants are accepted for training, the drive of competition will strengthen the team spirit and develop creativity.

Наставничество Mentorship. Each team is led by a real-time tutor.

Project approach. Groups carry out mini-projects for their companies.

International benchmark. Study of the experience of world leaders and direct dialogue with colleagues from different countries with translation into Russian.

Technological Effectiveness. A combination of EdTech, traditional format and project training.

Theme of the year of IPWeek 2022 International Teams Leaders School
IPWeek 2022 Theme of the year

Speakers and Tutors of the International Teams Leader School (TLS)

The list is being refined

Alexey Samoshilov

Head of digital enterprises services, Siemens, Russia

Oleg Zakharov

Director of the Operational Excellence Department, ERG. Kazakhstan

Inna Traud

Lean Production Manager, ODW-Elektrik, Germany, Ukraine

Vladana Donatova

Brigadier, Alfmeier, Germany, Czech Republic

Vladislav Armizonov

Chief Specialist, Business System Development Department, Norilsk Nickel, Russia

Egor Rybin

Senior Methodology Manager, Business System Development Department, Norilsk Nickel, Russia

Ota Koukolik

Director of Lean Department, Alfmeier, Germany, Czech Republic.

Stanislav Voronin

Siemens Digitalization Expert, Germany, Russia

Would you like to propose a speaker from your company?

IPWeek 2022 International Teams Leader School Program
Module 1
April 14th, 2022

Role and Tools of a Master in the Operational transformation
  • The role of the production site in achieving the economic goals of the enterprise. Fundamentals of Production Unit Economics

  • KPIs of the Production Unit

  • PDCA Cycle Monitoring and Management

  • Management of site constraints. Methods and tools to improve the productivity and quality of production processes
Module 2
April 28th, 2022

Improving productivity through the system of preserving the life and health of workers
  • Security Management. The level of development of the organization, the Bradley curve, the pyramid of incidents. Key safety indicators.

  • Ergonomics as a factor of effective labor activity

  • Tools for involving staff in the development of a safety culture

  • Vision Zero concept: domestic experience and international practice
Module 3
May 12th, 2022

Role and tools of a Production master in Digital transformations
  • How new technologies and digitalization change production. What is the Industry 4.0 and Digital Lean

  • Master's role in Digital Transformation

  • How to prepare staff for digital transformation: communication, trainings and work with fears
Module 4
May 26th, 2022

Soft Skills for Masters. Developing Yourself and Staff
  • Professional career of the master: self-development and trajectories of professional realization

  • Time management and personal efficiency

  • Adaptation of new employees. Confirmation and development of personnel competencies

  • Generational theory and labour motivation
Virtual Master Classes from Company Gemba

How the work of the International Teams Leader School is arranged

The program consists of 4 modules and inter-module work for participants on a customised training track under the guidance of a tutor

Программа состоит
из трех тематических буткемпов-модулей
и межмодульной работы команд под руководством менторов

Программа состоит из трех тематических буткемпов-модулей и межмодульной работы команд под руководством менторов

Interaction format: online conference and webinars, videos

Of training, consultations and mentoring

48+ hours

Of benchmark training from top practitioners
20 hours
Of independent work on the project assignment
16 hours
Of consultations and mentoring
12 hours
Submit your application and we will send you detailed information about the International Teams Leader School and we will agree on the customized part of the program in accordance with the goals and objectives of your company.
Оставьте заявку и мы пришлем Вам подробную информацию о Международной Школе Мастеров и согласуем кастомизированную часть программы
в соответствии с целями и задачами
Вашей компании

Get a detailed program of the International Teams Leader School (TLS)

IPWeek digital ecosystem

The IPWeek 2022 digital ecosystem provides all the opportunities to immerse yourself in an interactive learning environment:

Library of materials
and additional literature for study

Materials of speakers, working groups,
video recordings of seminars and master classes from gemba

Online platform with virtual class for each group (24/7 access regardless of the time zone)

What do graduates of the International Teams Leader School say?

I would like to express our thanks to our tutor! I would like to thank you for this amazing and interesting training! You're professionals in your field! Thank you.

Polar Branch, Norilsk Nickel, Russia

Beloglazov Oleg

Thank you for your courage and excitement. You lit the team spirit in us again, which has subsided over the...

ODW - ELEKTRIK, Germany - Ukraine

Inna Traud

Harin Anton

Thank you very much! For interesting training, for your involvement, your responsiveness!!

Polar Branch, Norilsk Nickel, Russia

Thank you for the great work we did together! I wish you all productive work, inspiration and effective solutions!

Nornickel, Russia

Mikhail Zhilin

Inna Traud
ODW - ELEKTRIK, Germany - Ukraine
Thank you for your courage and excitement. You lit the team spirit in us again, which has subsided over the past six months. You have shown us that if there is a goal, obstacles only motivate us and stimulate the development of new opportunities, the existence of which, sometimes, we do not notice. Good luck and hope that we will meet again soon.
Cost of group participation
Acceptance of applications until March 1st, 2022
9 500 EUR
Homework, review and discussion

Passing of the final exam and obtaining a certificate
people in a group
Up to 15
of training on the main program blocks
20 hours
12 hours of work with a tutor as part of a customized training track
12 hours


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